About Weekday Christian Education

"Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it."  Proverbs 22:6

Our Mission


Weekday Christian Education believes all children deserve to know of God's enternal love for them. We do this by sharing God's Word, and by teaching and applying Biblical life lessons with Vanderburgh County children.

Our Strategy


Weekday Christian Education believes if children know of God's eternal love for them, they will live as children of God. School based programs present an opportunity to reach the most children as possible, as it simplifies logistics for parents and children.

Our Vision


The children of Weekday Christian Education will grow toward becoming compassionate, responsible, productive individuals and maintain a continuing relationship with Jesus Christ.


Foundation and Implementation

The Evansville Area Community of Churches was founded in 1942, when a group of local churches came together to offer nondenominational community-based programs. Weekday Christian Education was the first of these programs.

In 1940, an ecumenical committee of 7 people met in Evansville, IN to discuss the implementation of RTBE classes locally. This committee included members who were Jewish, Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, and Methodist. More than 14 months after discussions began, the plan was presented to the school board and approved for implementation.

The Need


It would be great if every child realized he or she is valued and loved!

Poverty, abuse, neglect, broken homes, violence in schools and neighborhoods, exposure to drugs and alcohol, bullying and harassment are just a few of the challenges children face on a daily basis. Weekday Christian Education staff share God's love with nearly 1,000 children each week. The staff help children discover purpose and meaning for their lives in line with God's Word.


It would be great if every child was equipped to make good choices in today's culture!

Good role models are few and far between in today's culture.  Weekday Christian Education's (WCE) staff help children build a strong foundation in a world of shifting values and morals. WCE's Bible education prepares them to be responsible adults, contributing community citizens, and wise people. Research shows that youth who regularly participate in religious activities like WCE, are often more successful in all aspects of school and in the community.


It would be great if every family had support in helping develop their children's character!

Families face overwhelming cultural opposition to health character development in our society. As a completely voluntary program, Weekday Christian Education supports parents and helps reinforce values and morals that are important to them.

Our Program

Weekday Christian Education partners with 22 elementary schools in the Evansville Vaderburgh School Corporation and Joshua Academy to offer weekly Christian education classes to all third and fourth grader students.  Roughly 3,500 students are invited to take part in these classes each year, with 27-30% choosing to participate with parental permission. 

Weekday Christian Education classes are free. They are held during school hours in portable trailers parked immediately off school property or at a nearby church. Our three portable trailers are moved to 17 different locations each week. Classes are held Monday - Thursday from September to April. Students are escorted to and from classes by Weekday staff members.

Weekday Christian Education is a non-denominational and, for many students, an introduction to Christianity and the Bible. Lessons taught include:

  • God's eternal love for them
  • Who is Jesus Christ
  • How to use the Bible
  • What is prayer?
  • How to pray
  • Bible stories and how to apply them
  • The importance of caring for God's world
  • The true meaning of Christian holidays
  • The importance of honesty, respect, and integrity
  • How to be good citizens in their school, neighborhoods, and communities

More Information

For more detailed information on Weekday Christian Education ministries, click on the links below. 

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